New Year in Kiwanis

By Tom Nielsen

2017 is going to be a good year to be a Mukilteo Kiwanis member.We will be serving schools and the community from January to December!

Coming up in March our big Pancake Breakfast is always successful and fun!With the new emphasis on committees, there’s lots to do for everyone!

There will be a lot going on in the club and on other projects to keep us busy until the Annual Salmon Bake in early September.

Our social committee will be planning some events that will give us all something fun to remember.

To say that the members and officers are enthusiastic and well prepared, is a safe bet.
Everything is in place and it looks like it is going to be one of the, best years yet!


2017 Cocoon House Schedule

Time to sign up on a team!

Contact the lead chef:

July 9 – Anita Bernardi

August 13 – Nancy Passovoy

September 10 – Salmon Bake @ Mukilteo Lighthouse Festival

October 8 – Pam & Tim Taylor

November 12 – Beth Kerwin and Daphne Gellhaus

December 10 – Christmas Party!

Mukilteo Kiwanis

logo2017 Cocoon House Schedule

Established in 1991, Cocoon House has been Snohomish County’s only resource exclusively serving homeless and at-risk youth ages 12-24. Established in the believe that every child deserves a home and the opportunity to achieve his or her fullest potential. Cocoon House provides youth housing and other critical community -based services to caregivers, families and the community.

The Mukilteo Kiwanis provides a dinner to Cocoon House once a month.  If you are interested in being a Lead Chief, volunteering to help or making a monetary or food donation, please contact Pam Taylor at

Below is a schedule of our upcoming dinners.

What does it take to be a lead chef?

1) Agree to lead team 3 or 4 times a year (quarterly) Or if a person only wanted to do it once that’s OK too.
2) Plan a menu
3) Bring menu to meeting as a…

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President’s Report -10/29/2016

Good rainy Saturday morning to you all!

We had a great meeting last Wednesday night at Spiros’s, and I’d like to share with you what we discussed and also get you updated on our short Board meeting before the general meeting.

Here’s what I heard:

Members need/want more information about our projects, Board discussions, financials and member info. Heard loud and clear. I’ll be sending out these informational emails each week. For those members without email, I want to mail them our newsletter each month. Our website could be improved, and I’d like to look into adding an events calendar plugin (generally free)

Kim Voetberg needs help from all of our committees and the Board for project information. Deadline for submitting information to her will the the 20th of each month.
I again mentioned that I’m going to reduce the number of speakers each month so we can have committee, project and Board reports, financial updates, etc. Plus, I think we all like to spend time networking with each other.

Deb Bordsen (bless her heart) has volunteered to help me find speakers and has already drafted a list. I just need to get more organized so she can start plugging them in. It would be great for us to schedule speakers timely, meaning they would be speaking to us at a time that fits with our projects, what we’re doing, time of year, etc.

Dana Wilbur has stepped up in a big way to be the Kamiak Key Club Advisor, and her first meeting with them is November 7. They are jazzed about having Dana; many of them know her from the Salmon Bake and other community events that Dana has participated in.

We are looking for an Assistant Secretary; Darlene has expressed an interest and we want to give all members a chance to step up. This is a minimal time commitment but you’d be a back up to Al D when he can’t make a Board meeting, complete the online monthly report, etc.

We want to draft Paul Salas to be our PR person and get some stories to the Beacon about all the GREAT community stuff we’re doing, i.e., 3rd grade dictionary distribution, Speedway Cleanup, officer installation, etc.

Members want to know what happened to the “Student of the Month” selection.
there is a good possibility that starting in January, we will move our evening meetings to Jimmy Jacks on Highway 99 in Everett. They made a huge food donation to us for the Salmon Bake, and we want to reciprocate.

Those members who primarily attend only the evening meetings also want more information about what’s happening, so if we have an evening speaker, their time allotment will be 15-20 minutes max so we can have come Club focus time.

Board Update:
We met briefly so I could give them an update on the information I’ve received from KI that our process to secure a 501(c)3 IRS designation requires a new process. We will need to establish a new non-profit corporation from the WA Secretary of State, get a new IRS EIN, and draft new bylaws and Articles of Incorporation for Kiwanis approval (handily, they provide the template). I wanted their approval before jumping on this. More info will be provided as we make progress.  Director Pam Taylor has asked Chuck Davis from the Boys & Girls Club to provide a list of companies that offer corporate matching for non-profits.  Woo hoo!  That will be a Board focus in 2017 after we finally get this accomplished.

Next Board meeting: Monday, November 7 at Harbour Pointe Senior Living, all are invited to attend.

Nancy Passovoy

Kiwanis Club of Mukilteo

Chartered in 1997 through the efforts of the South Whidbey Island Kiwanis, the Kiwanis Club of Mukilteo is an energetic group of men and women who are dedicated to serving the community with the focus be on our youth. Our members include business people, retirees, and interested citizens.


Meetings are held Wednesday morning from 7:30 to 8:30 a.m. at the Pointe Restaurant, Harbour Pointe Golf Club, 11817 Harbor Pointe Blvd., in Mukilteo, WA.   Except for the last Wednesday of the month and we have an evening meeting at 6:00 PM at Spiro’s Restaurant, 11815 Mukilteo Speedway, Mukilteo. You can expect a wide variety of interesting, entertaining and often very stimulating hour-long programs at these meetings.

Join The Fun!

You are cordially invited to join us for fun and lively fellowship, great programs, breakfast  or dinner at our meetings and an opportunity to serve the community.

Paul Salas


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