Message from the President 1/9/18

Screen Shot 2018-01-09 at 12.52.15 PM

Greetings, Fellow Kiwanians!Happy New Year! I am sorry for the late update, but thank you to all the members and guests who attended last week’s club meeting. Huge thanks to our guest speakers, Dr. Marci Larsen, and her School District team, Annie Johnson, Patty Dowd, and Brook Tresler for sharing information on the two levies, Educational Programs and Technology Capitol Projects. Ballots will be mailed out January 26th, with an election date of February 13th.

Welcome guests and prospective members, Jeff Ham and Dev. We are hopeful you enjoyed your visit with us. Looking forward to receiving your Membership Applications.

Attached is our January Newsletter prepared by our very own Lauren Evans. Great job on the Newsletter, Lauren. Thank you!!!

Mukilteo Kiwanis Newsletter – January 2018


Riaz Khan – Jan 1st

Gary Webster – Jan 4th

Mike Miller – Jan 18th

John Brakman – Jan 19th

Beth Kerwin – Jan 20th

Ron Strobel – Jan 27th


COCOON HOUSE, Jan 14th – Lead Chef in Pam’s absence is Tim Taylor. He will need lots of help. 😉 Please reach out to Tim if you can help with dinner.

Wednesday’s speaker is Sarah Fraser of Justice & Soul.

Please join us this Wednesday for Breakfast, Fellowship, and Fun! See you all this Wednesday!!





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