Message from the President 3/21/18

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Happy Thursday, Kiwanians!

Thank you to the members who attended yesterday’s club meeting. Huge thanks to our speaker, Ross Gardner, for educating members on Wills and Trusts, and the consequences of not preparing and executing a Will. Thank you!! Looking forward to hearing from you when you are ready to join the Mukilteo Kiwanis Club!!!

SPEEDWAY CLEAN-UP PROJECT – Thank you to the Kiwanis Members and Key Clubbers who helped with the Speedway Clean-up on Saturday, March 17th.

LEADERSHIP LAUNCH – BRATS AND BRACKETS FUNDRAISER – Great job, team Kittle!! Wonderful event, food, and entertainment. Thank you! If you didn’t attend this year, please plan on attending next year’s event. It’s going to be even better!!

DVS CHOCOLATE LOVERS AND WINE GALA – I have three words for Deb Bordsen and her DVS Team – WOW!! The event was OFF THE CHARTS! Over 530 people attended the event. Y’all know how to put on an amazing event!! Thank you!

SATURDAY, MARCH 24TH, JUSTICE AND SOUL FASHION SHOW AT LYNNWOOD CONVENTION CENTER FROM 6:30PM TO 11:00PM – If you remember back in early January, we had MATTHEW FAIRFAX and SARAH FRASER of JUSTTICE AND SOUL speak on the matter of sex trafficking in Cambodia and how their organization is on a mission to save the victims of sex trafficking. Please visit to learn more about the Fashion Show and purchase your tickets to the show.

SATURDAY, APRIL 14TH – CAMP KILLOQUA CLEAN-UP – We are looking for volunteers who can help clean up the camp from 9am – Noon. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Beth Kerwin at

SATURDAY, APRIL 21ST – MUKILTEO COMMUNITY GARDEN CLEAN-UP – This is a project we do every year. If you are interested in volunteering, please reach out to Lynette Gardiner at

 SATURDAY, APRIL 28TH FROM 5PM – 9PM – PACKS FOR KIDS 2nd ANNUAL SPAGHETTI DINNER. – Please come out and help support PFK. There will be great food, wine, beer, and auction items. Oh yeah, don’t forget dessert. They would also like a few volunteers. Maybe 2-3 volunteers.

SATURDAY, MAY 19TH – AVIATION DAY PARKING FUNDRAISER – This is a fundraiser we do every year. The club receives a $500 donation from the Historic Flight to direct parking for this event. If you are interested in volunteering, please let me know. Gary Webster will create an online sign-up sheet for everyone interested in helping.


SATURDAY, JUNE 2ND – MUKILTEO BOYS AND GIRLS CLUB GOLF TOURNAMENT – This is a service project where we volunteer and help with tournament needs, i.e. check-in attendees, stuff gift bags, monitor holes, etc. We are fed a juicy prime rib at dinner time. You don’t want to miss this event. I will have a sign up sheet at our next meeting for members who would like to volunteer.

Well, this is it for now. Until then, LIVE, LOVE, SHARE KIWANIS!





November 1st Meeting

Good evening, Mukilteo Kiwanis Team!

Thank you to all the club members and guests who woke up early this morning to attend our club meeting. By the way, great presentation by our guest speaker! However, he seemed to have had way too much caffeine this morning. His message: Share your Kiwanis with others to achieve ultimate club growth while retaining our current members to serve more kids and families in our community. YOU LOVE YOUR MUKILTEO KIWANIS!!!

Big thanks to the Lynnwood Kiwanis Club members who did an interclub with us this morning. Thank you, David, Billie, Steven, Sharon, and William! We promise to put together a team to join you at one of your Thursday morning meetings.

My biggest thanks to John Luckovich, George Holser, and Gary Webster for getting to the golf course early every Wednesday (except evening meetings) to set up for our meetings. John and George stay behind after every meeting to tear down. These guys are committed Kiwanians!! Thank you!!

Board meeting scheduled for next week Monday, Nov. 6th, at 7:30am at the Mukilteo YMCA. All members are welcome to attend.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY WISHES to Al Zugel-Nov. 2nd, Darbi Van Gerpen – Nov. 10th, Adrian Ramierz-Nov. 13th, John Luckovich-Nov. 16th, Tony McNulty-Nov. 18th, Kathy Valencia-Nov. 25th, Alefa Eserjose-Nov 26th, and Tim Taylor-Nov. 27th.

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY WISHES to Miguel & Anita Bernardi – NOV 1ST. Congratulations, and have a great celebration!!


  • PACKS FOR KIDS – Congratulations to Oran, Ron J., Wendy G., Carole N., Dana, and other community members for a successful food drive on Saturday. 2 car loads full of groceries/food, and over $700 in cash. WOW!!! Way to go, Team PFK!!! Thank you for your hard work!!
  • COCOON HOUSE DINNER – Sunday, Nov. 12th at 5pm. Daphne and Beth are lead chefs. Beth is will be in Hawaii, so Daphne could use some help and food donations. If you can help, please reach out to Daphne at
  • CHRISTMAS STOCKINGS FOR BOYS AND GIRLS CLUB – If you committed to fill a stocking for a child, I have your stocking. Please have your stockings filled and turned in to me by November 15th. We’re going to make lots of kids happy at Christmas!! Thank you!  Marcie, I need more stockings please!!
  • MUKILTEO KIWANIS FOUNDATION – We have commitments from Gary Webster and Deb Bordsen to serve on the Foundation Board. Thanks, Gary and Deb. We would more club members to serve on the board and review and approve grants and scholarships. Please let Gary or Nancy know if you are interested in improving your resume. 😉


  • HOLIDAY GOURMET NUTS – Congratulations to Gary and Team for already selling 13 cases of nuts to a only 1 company. Great job, team!! Sell, sell, sell!!! Donations help fund our scholarship fund so please help out if you can.


  • MUKILTEO SCHOOLS FOUNDATION BREAKFAST – Friday, Nov. 10th at 7:30a.m. at the Future of Flight. Tickets are $50. We would like to have a table of 8 Kiwanians at the event. If you would like to attend, please reach out to Ron Johnson at We need to know by this Friday if you would like to attend.

Well, this is it for now! Have a great rest of the week.

Always in service,


October 24th Evening Meeting

Good morning Fellow Kiwanians, and Friends of Mukilteo Kiwanis!

 Thank you to all the club members who attended this morning’s club meeting. It was different meeting, but a very good one nonetheless.
 Again, huge thanks to our guest speakers today, Peter Zieve, James Yoo, Tony Markey, Sarah Kneller, and Bob Champion, for accepting our invitation to join our meeting this morning, conveying your plans for a better Mukilteo, and sharing your passion and love for the community, City, and its residents. Like each of you, we, too, love our city, and look to you, OUR LEADERS, to serve the needs of the people. Good luck to you all at this evening’s Forum. And, thank you for your professionalism. Very much appreciated, as always!! See you all at the polls on November 7th.
 Congratulations to our newest member, Bashar Elali, who was inducted into the club today. Welcome, my friend! We look forward to working with you out in the community and making a positive difference.
 My BIGGEST THANKS goes to Rexanne Greenstreet for accepting the role as co-advisor for Kamiak’s Key Club. She and Dana will partner together to support Kamiak Key Clubbers’ community service needs. Go Team!!
  • DICTIONARY DELIVERIES – Annie and the Kiwanis Volunteers are hard at work delivering dictionaries to our 3rd graders in our school district. Last week was a huge success. Today is the last day of delivery. It’s great to be a Kiwanian when you affect positively the life of kids, and put a smile on their faces; even for just one a day!!
  • PACKS FOR KIDS FOOD DRIVE – Oct. 28th food drive at QFC. 9AM – 3PM. Looking for a couple more volunteers for the 2nd Shift (12pm – 3pm). Please let Oran Smith-Osterman know if you are able to volunteer. This project is to supply our kids with food for the weekend to avoid going without.
  • MUKILTEO BOYS AND GIRLS CLUB “ADOPT A STOCKING PROJECT” – Thank you to the members who requested stockings to stuff with gifts for a child in need. This is another opportunity to fill the life of kids with joy this holiday season! Here are the members who requested stockings. Marcie, we’re going to need 18 stockings.
    • Nancy Passovoy – 7 stockings
    • Pam Taylor -2 (1 boy and 1 girl – both ages 5-7)
    • Natalie LaChapelle – 2 (1 boy & 1 girl – both agest 11-13)
    • Skip Kidd and Lynette Gardiner – 2 ( 1 boy age 5-7 and 1 girl age 8-10)
    • Gloria Smith – 1 girl age 5-7
    • Deb Bordsen – 1 boy age 14-18
    • Kelly dukes – 1 girl age 14-18
    • Wendy Grace – 1 girl age 11-13
    • Paul Salas – 1 boy age 5-7
  • MARINER HIGH SCHOOL HARVEST FEST CANDY DONATION – Thank you to all the members who donated bags of candy today. I will continue accepting donations through next Wednesday, October 25th. If you would like to donate, please drop your bags off at Cheryl Wynn’s tanning shop directly adjacent to the Tobacco Store which is across from QFC. Let’s continue supporting our High School kids.
  • AL DANTICO TREE PLANTING PROJECT – Many thanks to Kiwanis members who participated in last Saturday’s tree planting project in honor of our dear friend and forever Kiwanian, Al Dantico. Thank you!!!!


  • HOLIDAY GOURMET NUTS – This is our annual holiday fundraiser. Our net proceeds expected is $2,100; all of which will go towards our scholarship fund for our high school seniors. Please reach out to Gary Webster at if you can help identify businesses that can benefit from these gifts.

Well, this is it for now!! Have a fantastic day today, and see you all next Wednesday, which is our EVENING MEETING AT SPIROS!!

Best regards,