Wednesday Morning Meeting Sept. 21st Harbour Pointe Golf Course

Hello all…!

My apologies for the late Agenda e-mail, darn yahoo account wasn’t cooperating.   Last week’s meeting was exceptionally informative with Alex Costumbrado from the Casino Road YMCA.  They do great things for our community.  We should all feel very happy and proud that we continue to tribute to the many amazing things they do for the children and young adults.

Please…PLEASE take the time sometime this week to pay the yearly dues.   Time is getting short as we need to report the status of membership to Kiwanis international by the first of October.  Again, If you prefer to pay online you can go to our website and pay there.
This Wednesdays’ meeting Paul has a special meeting lined up for us… I have no idea what it is but I can guarantee you it will not be boring and we can all laugh “at” him!; should be a lot of fun.

There are a few items that are coming up tomorrow evening and Thursday so take a look at “a Few Things to Mention” Below.

Tomorrow evening at the Scotsman Sept 21st we will have a Kiwanis social starting at 5pm.
Our Kiwanis Retreat will be next Thursday,  22th of Sept. starting at 6:00PM at City Hall.
Rachel Kittle is involved with Leadership Launch Thursday the 22nd from 5:300-8pm, if interested in helping out please contact Rachel or let me know and I can have her contact you… all she needs is one or two volunteers for a super great event!!!
The Boys n’ Girls club Luau is on Saturday the 24th from 6pm until…?, this is hosted by Tim & Pam Taylor and I do believe Paul has a table for Kiwanis.  If you’d like to attend this super fun event please let Tim and Pam or I know.  I believe you can still jump online and purchase tickets.

Annie is looking for help in labeling dictionaries on Friday, September 30th from 10-12 at the Mukilteo District Office;  If individuals are available to volunteer, please confirm with me or Annie by sending us an email.  We will need about 10-12 volunteers.
September we will be having a get together for those who are interested in helping put the stamps/stickers on our dictionaries for the 3rd graders… soon to be determined along with when we will be passing them out.

Saturday Oct 1st we are scheduled for Speedway Cleanup.  We will start passing out sign-up sheets on Wed meeting

Installation dinner will be happening in October when Skip and Nancy return from the Chamber of Commerce trip to Europe, so as soon as that is nailed down we will put the date out.

Lastly, Christmas is fast approaching.  I would like to get feedback if anyone is interested is selling out gourmet nuts.  I believe Gary is in the process of contacting the vender.  Currently we have three people say they were interested in selling, we could really use a few more to help with this Christmas time fundraiser.

ENJOY YOUR WEEK! Hope to see you all soon.

OH, BTW, Raffle has eclipsed $1,000…!!!!!  8 green and 1 red remaining in


Mukilteo Kiwanis- Children’s Books

Fellow Kiwanians!

Recently, Daphne shared/discussed an great opportunity to earn books for our kids in the school district.  Please see her email below.

Please direct any questions to Daphne or Jen Guzewich.

Thank you,

From: Gellhaus, Daphne
Subject: FW: Mukilteo Kiwanis- Books

Here is a great way to earn free books to donate to schools in the Mukilteo School District or other programs in our area, or we may be able to purchase the dictionaries/thesauruses for next year and save some money for the club.

It’s a great way to pick up some books for many children in our lives as well.    See the Flyer attached, the books come directly to the purchaser – what an easy way to do some holiday shopping.

For all of our purchases, we will receive 50% in free books from Usborne.     We can pick the books or Jen can help us with this selection.

Below is the link for us to use
Here is your direct link:      Be sure to check out the specials section!

For more information Jen’s email is below or contact Daphne as well.    We as a club can decide where the free books should be donated.

Thanks for your help in this club fundraiser.

The Fundraising Committee

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